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China Chinese Wall history

China - Discover the Empire of the Dynasties

We know China mainly from the capital, Beijing, and cities such as Hong Kong and Shanghai. We are also familiar with the Chinese wall and the Dutch like to go to the Chinese, who are in fact more Indonesian. And that is where our knowledge of this immense country ends.

But this communist country has so much to offer. The karst mountains near Yangshuo, rice fields throughout the country, the high peaks of Tibet and modern cities that are being mushroomed. China is booming!

Best travel time?

The months of April to October are the best months to travel through China. From April the temperature starts to get better and better and in mid-October the cold starts to get more and more under control. Anyone travelling outside these months should take cold temperatures into account, even in the south.

However, a city like Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou can also be well visited in winter. In Shenzhen and Guangzhou the average temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.

Try to avoid the summer months of July and August as much as possible. The Chinese are on holiday themselves and the trains are quickly full.

Visa for China?

Visa in the world

If there is one country for which you definitely need a visa, it is China. When applying for a visa, the embassy wants to know everything about you and you also have to provide all the required documents. This means: plane tickets, passport photos, an extensive travel plan with description, hotel bookings and a completed visa form. Okay, it doesn’t have to be all right, but of course you don’t have to tell them. And finally, it will also cost you more than 100 euros.

If you don’t feel like it, you certainly won’t get a visa, but you can also outsource it to a visa office. In Hong Kong, for example, you can get a visa from Forever Bright without much difficulty. At least, I didn’t have any plane tickets or a plan and I got 2 times 30 days travel through China without much effort.

Finally, anyone who makes a stopover in China and then flies to the next destination can also get a free visa. China is trying to stimulate the economy and has introduced this for more and more cities in the country. For example, you can stay in Beijing and Shanghai for 144 hours (7 days). You can then apply for a temporary visa at the airport in those cities.

China and it's history

China is a bit too big to be able to discuss the whole history here. But China is of course the country of Confucius, of the ancient dynasties like the Ming and the Qing and of the Chinese wall. And since 1948 communism has been the country’s main ideology.

What does your trip to China look like?

To travel through China is to make choices. Fortunately, you can travel through the country much faster by plane and high-speed train than 20 years ago. Below you will find a number of possibilities:

Beijing: In this way you can stay in the capital of the country for a whole week. The Chinese wall, the forbidden city, the summer palace, the National museum and so on.

Xi’an: You go to Xian mainly because of the Terracotta army. It is only 50 years ago that a farmer found these statues here. It is very touristic, but special to see.

Yangshuo: In the south you will find the beautiful karst mountains. Here you can make beautiful walks, visit old villages and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Shangri-La: Those who don’t want to or can’t go to Tibet, but still want to see something of this region should go to Shangr-La. Here you will find many Tibetan influences and a beautiful palace. Also the places Lijiang and Dali are beautiful places to visit.

Wondering what else you can see and do in China? Get inspired and take a look at the articles below about this beautiful country in Asia.

China - Travel Guide of History

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