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Haesindang Park | Explore the Crazy Penis Park of South Korea

by Steven
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Haesindang park (해신당 공원) in South Korea is one of the weirdest parks you have ever seen. It is all about phallic statues in different kinds of shapes: small, large, thick, thin, straight, and crooked. In total, you will find 300 penises here which were placed to satisfy the fish in the nearby sea. Uh, that does sound like a completely weird story? Well, it is.

Should you visit the penis park yourself? And what is the legend behind it? In this article, I will explain it and show you around the park. Finally, I give 5 amazing facts about the penis and its history. But first, let’s start with the tragic legend of Haesindang…

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Haesindang Park in Sinnam, South Korea
This is the scene you will see all the time in this park; many penises are close to each other in different sizes.

The tragic Legend of Haesindang

On a stormy day, a lovely bride called Haesindang was left behind by her husband on one of the rocks in the sea. He was working as a local fisherman and went deep into the ocean to catch some fish. On his way back he planned to pick her up again, but when he came back fate struck her. What happened?

After the man left his wife, a big wave dragged Haesindang into the sea and she drowned. Out of pure sadness, all the fish decided to swim away. It was a big disaster for local fishermen, who depended on it. No fish is no income and nothing to eat. So what now?

The Legend of Haesindang
There she is. On a rock, waiting for her beloved husband, until fate strikes her.

So, Why is there a penis park?

A surprise followed when a lecherous young man decided to spread his body fluids in the beautiful South Korean waters. This was the moment the fish had been waiting for. They quickly returned to the sea near the village and the inhabitants were incredibly happy. Out of joy, they decided to build a penis park.

The penis park, which we now know as Haesindang park, opened its doors in 2007. It started with a sculpture competition and a large amount of these statues ended up in the newly designed park. And until today, fish still swim in the sea near the local village of Sinnam. Mission accomplished!

What to do and see in the penis park?

A visit to the penis park will not take much longer than 2 hours. After all, it’s more about seeing the statues than really learn something from them. But a visit to Haesindang park also gives access to the Fishing Folk Museum, a museum full of… folklore and uh..more penises. It’s about traditional clothes, the history of the village and information about the Legend of Haesindang. The fishing village of Sinnam doesn’t have much else to offer, consists of a few houses and after a walk in the park, you will leave for the next destination in South Korea.

5 Funny facts and an impression of the penis park

Are you curious about the penis park? Here you will find some more pictures and 5 funny facts about the penis and its history. Yes, even the penis has its own history…

A bench in the Penis Park, South Korea
Let’s have a little break? But be careful where to sit!

Funny fact 1: Did you know that scientific research has shown that our distant ancestors had spines on their penis? That sounds painful, but is a normal thing for some species, like the chimpanzees. Why this changed has not been researched, but it will have something to do with the evolution of humans.

The Penis Park in South Korea
Penises, penises and more penises

Funny fact 2: Every year on the first Sunday of April, the festival of the Steel Phallus takes place in Kawasaki, Japan. It is called Kanamara Matsuri. For 2022 the festival will be on April 4.

A big penis in Sinnam, South Korea
So that’s a big… field of colorful flowers

Funny fact 3: According to the map of penis size by country, men from Ecuador have the biggest penis. The average size of all the countries is around 13.58 centimeters. Read more about it on the website of worlddata.info.

Korean Ninja in the Penis Park
Korean ninjas in action

Funny fact 4: Did you know, after Napoleon died in 1821 his penis was cut off? It is still in the hands (well, figuratively) of a family in the United States, although you won’t recognize it as a human part. But is it really true? Well, it was cut off after his death…

A seesaw in Haesindang Park
Anyone who thinks that you can only touch, look or take photographs is wrong. The main attraction is this spectacular seesaw

Fact 5: The erotica museum in St. Petersburg claims to be in possession of Rasputin’s dick. Rasputin was a faith healer who was murdered in 1916 for his influence on Russian politics. His “member” is on display in a pickle jar and rather hefty (28 centimeters??) and thick.

Korean people enjoy the Penis Park
Even the Korean people enjoy the Haesindang park

Practical Information about the Haesindang penis park in South Korea

Have you become enthusiastic and do you really think a visit to the penis park in South Korea should not be missed? In my opinion, it is fun and nice to stay here if you have time or you’re nearby. That’s it. Below you will find a short explanation of how to get there.

How do I get to Haesindang Park?

The best way to get to the penis park is by rental car. Then you can easily drive there and leave again when you have seen all 300 penis statues. Another option is by bus, but this usually runs once an hour. Bus 24 leaves from the bus station of Samcheok and takes about 45 minutes. Don’t forget to inform the bus driver you want to go to Haesindang park ((해신당 공원). He will let you out at the top of the park and that will save you a climb up. Entrance to the park costs 3000 won ($2,50).

Opening hours?

Haesindang park is open from March to October from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. From November to February the penis park is open between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Steven Vredenborg in the Haesindang Park
Finally, which of the three does not belong here?

Is the penis park in South Korea now on your bucket list? Feel free to leave a message below!


abdulazizansari 10/21/2019 - 02:35

When was the Penis Park in Sinnam constructed ?

Steven 11/01/2019 - 18:04

The Penis Park in Sinnam opened in 2007! I see I didn’t write it down. Thanks!


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