Thailand - Discover the History of Asia's most beloved country

Nestled in the tropical wonderlands of Southeast Asia, Thailand is an incredible tourist destination. With its warm and tropical climate, mind-blowing landscapes, and unique culture and history, it is quite easy to see why so many people visit Thailand every year.


With its rich traditions and spirituality, Thailand is a fascinating archipelago brimming with cultural history. So, if you’re planning to visit, here is a quick tour guide to Thailand.

Chiang Rai Travel Guide - White Temple

Why you should visit Thailand?

One of the main reasons why Thailand is an incredible tourist destination is its history and culture. There are many ancient temples, and historical monuments in the country, which showcase its fascinating story.


From the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, and The Grand Palace in Bangkok, to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Boran Palace ruins, there is a lot to see for anyone who is fascinated by the history of the region.

Moreover, Sukhothai Historical Park which contains the ruins of the 13th century capital of Thailand is also a must-visit destination in Thailand.

Another incredible attraction in Thailand is the food. All over the streets of Thailand, outdoor stalls serve up the cheapest and most delicious meals you can find. Thailand is a foodie’s dream, and food is an essential part of the Thai Culture.


Thailand is also a great destination for anyone who is a fan of combat sports. The country has a rich history revolving around Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing. Muay Thay is like a second religion for the locals, and watching one of these fights live is a great way to get a dose of Thai culture, food, and history at the same time.


Best time to visit Thailand?

Thailand has an incredible climate, and if you want to experience the best side of it, it’s better to visit during the cool and dry season, between November and early April. However, the climate can be a little different throughout the country.


For instance, there is a difference between the climate on the east coast and the west coast of Thailand, the west coast is better in winter when you can get the best diving and snorkeling experiences.


Whereas the weather on the east coast is alright throughout the year, however, you should ideally visit in January or February, when rainfall is the lowest.

Travel Budget for Thailand?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in Thailand. Thailand has an affordable cost of living, and vacation there can be quite cheap. If you are backpacking, and traveling on a type budget, you can easily get by on  $25–35 USD (18-24 pounds) per day.


On the other extreme, if you are in for a lavish vacation, and you want to stay in western resorts, eat inexpensive restaurants, and have a lot of tours, you can expect to pay around $100–150 USD (70-107 pounds) per day


Still, on an average budget of around $55 USD (38 pounds) per day, you can have a decent and memorable trip to Thailand.

Do you need a Visa for Thailand?

Getting a tourist visa to Thailand is quite easy, however for 64 countries, including Britain and the US, there is an exemption for the visa. Citizens of these countries can live up to 30 days in Thailand without a visa, you can also extend the visa exemption period up to 60 days from Thailand. All people from these 64 countries need is a valid passport that doesn’t expire in the next six months to visit Thailand without a visa. For other countries, the visa requirements can be different.

Accommodation in Thailand

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