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Japan - The land of the rising sun

Japan, the land of the rising sun is on everyone’s list, isn’t it? And that’ s right, because Japan has so much to offer. It is the land of high-tech technology and skyscrapers, but also of many temples and geishas. And don’t forget Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain and beautiful bounty islands like Okinawa. And finally, they have blossom in spring!

Modern and expensive

A trip through Japan is more expensive than a trip through other countries in Asia. It is modern and has little poverty. In addition, it is easy to travel and in a short time you can see much of this beautiful country. But don’t be tempted by the high costs. It is a beautiful and special country!

Superfriendly people and country of discipline

On the other hand, Japanese are very friendly people and they fully obey the rules, no matter how absurd (but actually justified) that may be. Waiting in line to get on the train or all on the slow side of the escalator? The Japanese all respect the rules. Sometimes the friendliness is a bit too much, but in Japan the customer is always right!

And very diverse...

Tokyo is the modern capital, where skyscrapers and technology dominate the streets. But Kyoto is completely different. It is the cultural capital where you can visit more than 1500 temples. And then there are Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the cities where the atomic bombs of 1945 caused a big drama. And then there is Nikko National Park, with its beautiful waterfalls and temples, or Okinawa, the bounty island where the temperature is always at least 20 degrees. Japan is very diverse…

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