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Puducherry, India | Old Capital of French India | Travel Guide

by Steven

Puducherry, also known by its old name Pondicherry is a city in southeastern India in the state of Tamil Nadu. It was the capital of the French East Indies for over 300 years until it became a permanent part of India in 1954. The old city center is therefore characterized by old colonial buildings and churches. An interesting sight to see is the town of Auroville, the City of Dawn. What is unique about this place is that it is an experiment for a group of people who live together in ultimate peace and harmony, where politics, religion and nationality are not important. Finally, you can also take a stroll along the promenade or enjoy the beach. Let’s go to Puducherry …!

How to get to Puducherry?

Pondicherry Airport is located in the north of the city. Only domestic flights depart from here, including to Bangalore and Hyderabad. A good way to reach the city is by train. This is located south of the old city and trains leave for many destinations in India, including Chennai, Calcutta, Delhi, Mumbai and Kanyakumari. The Pondicherry Bus Stand is located one kilometer west of the old town. From here, buses depart regularly to surrounding cities, such as Chennai and Tiruchirappali.

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