South Korea - Discover the history of ancient Korea

While South Korea probably isn’t on everyone’s top ten list of travel destinations, there are plenty of reasons why you should visit this incredible country. From a fascinating history and culture to lively cities and breathtaking landscapes, South Korea has everything to make it an unforgettable travel destination. So, take a look at our Travel guide to South Korea.

Why visit South Korea?

South Korea has a long and fascinating history, dating back more than a thousand years. Moreover, due to the natural isolation of the Korean peninsula from the rest of the world, the history and traditions have been kept alive for centuries.


Even today, you can stand in awe of some of the most incredible historical cultural heritage sites of the country, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, in Seoul. If you are fascinated by the history of the region, you need to visit  Gyeongju city, which is also referred to as “a museum without walls” by some people.


Gyeongju city remained the capital of Korea during the Silla Dynasty, and it is home to countless royal tombs, temples, and palaces that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The people in Korea have also preserved their Traditional culture to this day. You can watch traditional Korean dance and music performances even in the big cities, while the people love to dress in their traditional clothes (hanbok).  


Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond in Gyeongju

There are also several interesting festivals that are held in South Korea every year. The cherry blossom during the spring is an incredible time, and it turns South Korea into a magical wonderland. Buddha’s birthday is another very popular national holiday, which is celebrated by traditional performances and lantern parades. Koreans also have their own version of thanksgiving that they celebrate during autumn. So, no matter which time of the year you visit Korea, there are going to be some interesting festivals to attend.


South Korea also has a lot more than popular delicacies like kimchi to offer travelers. The local street foods in cities are incredible, and there are loads of incredible restaurants that you can visit to get an incredible taste of Korea’s cuisine.

Kimchi food, South Korea

Best time to visit South Korea?

South Korea is best for tourists during the spring, between March and May, this is when you can experience the vibrant cherry blossoms in bloom, which is a truly breathtaking time. Autumn (between September and November) is also a good time to visit South Korea. The temperature is quite suitable during this time for outdoor activities.

Gamcheon Village in Busan, South Korea

Travel Budget?

As far as the travel budget for a trip to South Korea is concerned, it drastically depends on your traveling style. If you are backpacking and trying to travel on a tight budget, you can get by on as little as $35-$45 per day, however, for an average budget, you can expect to spend about $100 per day.


Obviously, if you want to have a more luxurious trip, then you can spend as much money as you want on high-end hotels, private taxi rides, and expensive restaurants.

KTX high speed train in South Korea

Do you need a Visa for South Korea?

If you are from the US, Canada, or European Union countries, you don’t need to apply for a specific tourist visa for South Korea before entering the country. You can easily get a ninety-day tourist pass to South Korea. However, it is important to know that if you are in South Korea under the Visa-Waiver program, you can not do any paid work.

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