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Jeju Island, South Korea | Travel Guide of History

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Jeju is the most famous island in South Korea. It is located south of South Korea and should definitely not be skipped during a trip through the country. It is an ideal place for a beach vacation, but also for taking beautiful walks, visiting a number of caves and the highest mountain in the country and still has some special traditions, including the Haenyeo. These highly elderly mermaids dive into the sea every day in search of mussels and shells. In short, this beautiful island has a number of unique attractions that make it a fantastic place for everyone to visit. Let’s go to Jeju…!

Sightseeing on Jeju Island – What to see and do?

Jeju Island is typically a destination where you can easily spend 5 days. There’s a lot to see and if the weather is nice, you can always visit one of the beautiful beaches that the island has to offer. I stayed on Jeju for 4 full days and these are the places I visited.

Take a stroll through Jeju City

Climb the highest mountain on the island, Mount Hallasan

Explore the Manjanggul Cave

Visit the Jeju Haenyeo Museum

Enjoy the view from Seongsan Sunrise Peak

Walk through Golmae Eco Park and visit the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

Take a picture with Dutch Football Coach Guus Hiddink at Hamel Ship Expedition Center

Transportation – How to get there?

Those who want to visit Jeju Island can reach the island in different ways. The easiest way is via Jeju International Airport. This airport is the second largest in South Korea and is located west of the city of Jeju. The label “International” refers mainly to destinations within Asia, such as China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand.

Another possibility is to reach Jeju Island by boat. From the port city of Busan, this is possible, but keep in mind that it takes 10 hours. Flying is wiser in this case. Another option is via the southwestern tip of South Korea, Wando. From here the ferry departs which takes about 2 to 5 hours, depending on the ferry service you choose. Check out the Hanil Express website for more information.

Transportation on Jeju Island?

I stayed 4 days on this beautiful island and used public transport: the bus. This posed quite a few problems, since South Korean bus drivers do not speak English. Another problem is that buses outside the city of Jeju do not run very often, so you sometimes have to wait quite long. In the city of Jeju, it is not a problem because there are enough buses and you can also reach quite a lot by foot.

It is therefore highly recommended to rent a car on this beautiful island. You will discover more and come to the most special places. Visit the website of Rentcars for more information.

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