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Taipei, Taiwan – Travel Guide of History

by Steven

Personally, I found Taipei to be the nicest capital city I have discovered in Asia. It is a modern city, but also has many historical sights. You will also find a lot of art projects here and at the night markets, you can really buy the most amazing delicacies you can think of. And from the capital, you can also go on fun day trips in the region. In short: this city with 2.5 million inhabitants is a fantastic destination in Taiwan to spend some days.

Sights – What to do in Taipei?

A Taiwan tour starts in Taipei and ends in this fascinating city. If you have the time, try to spend at least 3 full days here. Below, you can find a list with the most important sights of Taipei.

Taipei 101: From 2004 to 2007, this was the highest building in the world. With a height of 508 metres, this skyscraper rises above the city and from the top floor you have an amazing view of the city. And from Elephant Hill, you have a magnificent view of the Taipei 101.

Chang Kai-Shek Memorial: Chang Kai-Shek was the leader of Taiwan for decades until his death in 1975. His memorial is a tribute to the leader who fled from Mao Zedong’s communists in 1948 and founded the Republic of China on this island. The changing of the guard that takes place every hour is particularly impressive to see.

National Palace Museum: When Chang Kai-Shek fled to Taiwan, he and his followers took a number of valuable treasures with them. These can be seen in this impressive museum. Here you get a good explanation of the history of the Republic of China, but also of the People’s Republic on the mainland. The Nationalists, of whom Chang Kai-Shek was the leader, saw themselves as the real and modern China.

Of course, Taipei has many more great attractions that you should definitely visit. Soon you will find an article about it with more information.

Accommodation – Where to stay in Taipei?

In Taipei, I stayed in two hostels. On arrival, I stayed in C U Hotel. This hotel is located about one kilometre north of Taipei Station and nearby you will find the Nin-Xia night market where you can get delicious food. The hotel also has dormitories for up to 4 people. If you’re going for peace and quiet, then this is a must, as the beds are fine. If you want more sociability, I do not recommend this hotel. There is no common area where you can meet people. For the latter, the next hostel is a great option.

On the way back, I stayed in hostel TaipeiTaipei. It is located south of the main train station and has, apart from good rooms and beds, a cosy bar where you can meet people and have a beer. There are more hostels in this area, so there is plenty of choice. This hostel is also close to the Chang Kai-Shek Memorial and the 28-2 park.

Looking for nice accommodation in Taipei? Have a look here for the possibilities

Transport – How to get to Taipei?

The main airport of Taipei and Taiwan is Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Located 40 kilometres west of the city, KLM and China Airlines, the country’s airline, fly direct to this airport. From Taoyuan Airport, you can take a train to the city centre. And from Taipei Station, the modern metro is a great way to explore the city. Taipei Station is also the place to take the bus or train to continue your journey through Taiwan.

Next destination in Taiwan?

Have you seen the main attractions of the city? Then, continue your journey clockwise or anti-clockwise to the south. Personally, I continued my trip to Taichung and not to Hualien, because before this last destination you will visit the beautiful Taroko National Park. Then you have something to look forward to for the whole trip.

Do you have any fun ideas or comments about Taiwan? Then feel free to leave a message below.

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