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Guilin, China | Travel Guide of History

by Steven

Guilin is a relatively small city of 700,000 people in Guangxi Province. It is more or less the gateway to two beautiful areas of China. East of the city is the beautiful Yangshuo region with its karst mountains, something that is also visible around the city. And north of Guilin you can find one of the most beautiful rice fields in the country, Longsheng Ricefields. And as for Guilin itself? Here you’ll find the beautiful Moon & Sun Pagodas, Elephant Trunk Hill, some beautiful caves and Jingjiang Princes’ Palace. Located in the center of town, this palace was once the residence of the nephew of the first Ming emperor (1368-1644). This makes it older than the Forbidden City. Around Jingjiang Princes Palace you will find nice eateries where you can end the day. So let’s go to Guilin …!

Next destination in China?

From Guilin the possibilities for your next destination are endless. You can go west for the beautiful karst mountains of Yangshuo or towards the big city of Guangzhou. To the north, head towards the Longsheng rice fields and to the authentic town of Fenghuang. To the south, head towards the city of Nanning and to the west towards Kunming.

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