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Kochi, India | Travel Guide of History

by Steven

Kochi is the largest city in the state of Kerala. It has an International Airport and is therefore the ideal starting point for a journey through this beautiful region of India. This is the place where the Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama died in 1524. The Portuguese, but also the Dutch and the English left a lot behind here. For example, the Dutch cemetery in Kochi is among the oldest in the country. Visit Mattancherry Palace or the Jewish Quarter with India’s oldest synagogue. In short: Kochi is a fascinating city with a number of impressive sights. Let’s got to Kochi …!

Transportation – How to get to Kochi?

Cochin International Airport is located 28 kilometers north of the Kochi city center. It is among one of the five largest airports in the country and it is the gateway to the beautiful state of Kerala. Some of the international airlines that fly into Kochi are Emirates, Qatar Airways, Air Asia and Singapore Airlines.

Ernakulam Junction is the main railway station of the city. From this station, trains depart south for some destinations in the state of Kerala, such as Alapphuza, Varkala and towards the southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari. The main bus station is located north of the train station. Here, many buses depart daily to a variety of destinations in India.

Planning to spend the night in Kochi’s old town? Then take the ferry, 2 kilometers west of the train station and catch the ferry between Enakulam and Fort Kochi.

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