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Varkala, India | Travel Guide of History

by Steven

Varkala is a unique destination in southern India. It is located in the state of Kerala and is ideal for a beach vacation. Here you will find some beautiful beaches and you can enjoy the many restaurants on the cliff of Varkala. Also rent a scooter and explore the area with its many temples and beautiful beaches. Varkala is popular among Indian tourists as well as foreign tourists and those who are in the south of the country should definitely stay here for a few days. Let’s go to Varkala!

Transportation – How to get to Varkala?

Varkala is located in the state of Kerala between the cities of Kollam and Trivandrum. Are you going to Varkala via one of these cities? Then grab a bus, as these run more frequently than the train. Both the bus station and the train station are 3 kilometers east of Varkala Cliff and its famous beaches. A Tuktuk will get you to your hotel or hostel.

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