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Hampi, India | Travel Guide of History

by Steven

Hampi is to India what you might call Angkor Wat to Cambodia or Bagan to Myanmar. Hampi is an ancient ruined city that dates back to the period of the Vijayanagara Empire. Around 1500, it belonged to one of the grandest late medieval empires in the world that stretched across much of southern India. Now you can still find a lot of beautiful historical buildings scattered over a large area. From the lovely Hampi Old City you can take beautiful walks and explore the nearby area. Or you can rent a scooter or Tuktuk to take you to the somewhat more distant ruins. In any case, you can enjoy yourself here for a few days. So let’s go to Hampi …!

Sightseeing – Attractions in Hampi

Exploring the ancient temples and ruins of this special place is not something you can do in a day. It would be best to take a few days for this, at least 2.

  • Virupaksha Temple
  • Achyutaraya Temple
  • Kodanda Temple
  • Kodandarama Temple
  • Varaha Temple
  • Vijaya Vitthala Temple

Accommodation – Where to stay in Hampi?

For years there has been a conflict between the government and the residents of the old town of Hampi. The government wants to get rid of this village. And that’s a pity, because the small village next to the Virupaksha Temple is cozy and has some nice hostels and guesthouses. The wide range of restaurants with views of the area is unique.

Looking for accommodation in Hampi? Check here for the options

Transportation – How to get there?

Airport: The nearest airport to Hampi is Hubli Airport. This airport is located 150 km west of Hampi and is only used for a number of domestic flights, including to Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Train: Hampi itself has no train station. For that you have to go to the railway station of Hospet. Every day the Hampi Express arrives here, a train from Mysore to Bangalore, Hampi and with terminus Hubli. The Hospet railway station is located 1.6 kilometers north of the Bus station.

Bus: Every hour, a number of buses do depart from the Hospet KSRTC Bus Station to Hampi. In addition, it is also possible to take a Rikshaw for the 12 kilometers to Hampi bus stand.

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